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Treasure Island - How do I purchase a ticket?

We advise you to create a Citizen Ticket account before making a purchase. Click here to create an account: Create Account

  1. To purchase a ticket, click “Search” at the top right-hand corner of our homepage and search or scroll to the event you want to purchase tickets for. Click the event image or on the event name.




  1. Select the date you would like to attend by hovering over the dates on the calendar then clicking the date you want.

Green = Good availability on that day

Amber = Running low on tickets for that day

Red = Completely SOLD OUT for that day

  1. Select the timeslot you want to go by clicking on one of the times in the boxes:

Green = Good availability for that slot

Amber  = Running low on tickets for that slot

Red = Completely SOLD OUT of tickets for that slot

  1. When you click on a timeslot, you will see the different types of tickets available. Please note that there may be enough of one ticket type but not enough of another so please make sure that the date and timeslot you pick has enough spaces for everyone on your booking.

  1. In the Quantity boxes, use the arrows up and down to add how many tickets you want beside each ticket type:

  1. After selecting the desired quantity of each ticket type click on the blue button “Buy Tickets”.


  1.  It is recommended to check the refund policy of the event (this is shown on the bottom right of the ticket). Example below:

  1. Once you’re happy with your basket, click on “Reserve Basket”.

  1. At this stage you can Edit the Basket if required by clicking the pencil Edit basket icon. Please keep in mind that your tickets are reserved for 9 minutes 51 seconds.

  1. If you do have a Citizen Ticket account, click the “Sign In” link on the top left corner and enter your address and password (you can also sign in using Smart Access). If you don't have a Citizen Ticket account, please enter your email address on the checkout page as requested (tickets will be sent to your email address so make sure there are no typos!).

  1. Type your email address

  1.  Click on the blue button “Continue”

  1. Wait for the one time sign in code (check your email for the code). The code is valid for 15 minutes.

  1. The email will look similar to this:

  1. Copy paste the code into the boxes and click Verify

  1. Select if you want to receive Marketing emails and/or subscribe to the Citizen Ticket community newsletter. Click Continue.


  1. At Payment Stage, click to pay with either Instant Bank Transfer (recommended) or Credit or Debit Card.

  1. For Instant Bank Transfer, please select your bank from the boxes, click the blue button “Pay” shown on the page then you will be redirected to the true layer payment page. If you would like to pay by mobile, scan the QR on the screen or click “Continue on desktop ” and proceed to follow the instructions from your bank to make payment.

  1. For Debit or Credit Card, new customers will be asked  to type the first line of their address. You can click Find and the addresses to choose from will appear. You can also click the blue link “click to type address manually”. Otherwise, the address will be filled in. Please then proceed to fill in your card details for payment including the expiry and CVC,  making sure you have entered them correctly. Finalise your payment by clicking the blue “Pay …” button.

  1. Once the payment has gone through your ticket will be processed, delivered to your Citizen Ticket account with your email (subject “Ticket Wallet”) and checkout completed.

  1. Once the payment is completed, you can view your tickets straight away in your Ticket Wallet by clicking on “Go to your TIcket Wallet”

  1. You can also rate your checkout experience and give us any feedback by clicking on “How did we do?”

  1. You can transfer your tickets to friends/family by clicking on “Transfer tickets to your friends”

  1. If you need some help finding an accommodation for your stay, click on “Find a place to stay”.

  1. “Share with friends and family”
    1. If you would like to share the news that you bought a ticket, click this pink square and you can write a message then click copy. Then copy the message to your social media or an email / text message.

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