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How do I send a ticket as a gift to someone?

Note: Not all event organisers activate the Transfer function. If it is active for your event you will see the blue Transfer button.

When transferring a ticket, select the “gift” checkbox.  This option allows you to transfer tickets as a gift after you have purchased them. You can also set a date for them to be delivered to the recipient  via email and add an optional message.

  1. Sign in to your Citizen Ticket account here -
  2. Then click "Purchases > Ticket Wallet" and click the "Transfer" button next to the ticket you want to send as a gift and follow the instructions from there.


  1. If you bought more than one ticket and only want to send a specific number of them as gifts to a person, change the quantity box to the number you want to send.
  2. You can send gifts to different people. Just select the quantity you want per recipient.
  3. You will be asked to type the recipients full name and their email address. You can only send a gift when an email address is provided.
  4. Click the checkbox “This transfer is a gift”
  5. New options will appear when you activate the gift option (see below)

  1. Select the date on the calendar that you want the ticket to arrive on.
  2. Select the time you want the ticket to arrive at.
  3. Add a message (Optional) e.g Birthday wishes.
  4. Click “Transfer Tickets”

  1. A confirmation box will appear with the information you selected. When you are happy that the recipient details / quantity / date and time of delivery / message  is correct, click “Confirm Transfer”.

  1. A green line and tick will appear confirming that the transfer will be delivered on your selected date and time.
  2. On the date / time of delivery, the recipient will receive an email (they should check their inbox and spam just in case) to accept the transfer and a Citizen Ticket account will be created for them (they will need to set their password).

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