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How do I apply for a refund for an event (or return a free ticket)?

Note - If the event you're attending has been cancelled, please follow the instructions in the event cancellation email you receive from the organiser.


  1. Citizen Ticket uses a specialised refund resolution service. To apply for a refund, go to our website and sign in to your account.

Option A)

Click Receipts and then on your corresponding Receipt ID, choose Apply for a Refund on the drop-down menu. It will automatically tick all of the tickets in your order so please check carefully if you need all or only some of your tickets refunded.

Option B)

Alternatively. scroll down to the footer of the page and click "Request a refund" (or click here). Please read all the information on the Refund application before submitting your refund.

Note - Please read the ticket policy (T&C’s) from the organiser’s website in regards to applying for a refund via Citizen Ticket.

  1. Select your order from the drop-down menu (#), select the tickets to be refunded and select the reason for the refund.  Please check carefully if you need all or only some of your tickets refunded.
  2. If the Ticket says "Non Refundable", you can still submit an application and reason but it will be at the organisers discretion whether to approve or decline the request. All requests are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Note: All refund decisions are at the discretion of the organiser.

  1. Click "Submit application" and you will receive a notification by email once the refund has been approved (or declined) by the organiser.

If you'd like to return a free ticket...

  1. You can return a free ticket simply by signing into your Citizen Ticket account, “Purchases” > “Ticket Wallet” and clicking the blue “Return” button in your ticket wallet for the event.


  1. This will redirect you to our “Apply for a refund” page and select the tickets you choose to return.

  1. Then click “Submit Application” and a notification will confirm you have returned the ticket/s back to the organiser to use for other people.

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